Build "core" for national industry
Santos: I haven't spoken to Cristiano Ronaldo since the World Cup;A do-over wouldn't change the decision
Former Portugal coach Fernando Santos has given an interview to Portuguese media "Ball" in which the Portuguese coach discussed his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, saying he has not spoken to him since the World Cup。And claimed that if he could do it over again he would not change his decision to leave Ronaldo out of the starting line-up
Zhu Fangyu: Xu Jie heard that your boxing practice in the summer is good Xu center: looking for you to play
On June 20, Zhu Fangyu, general manager of Guangdong Men's Basketball team, updated social media and showed the video of "about the war" with Xu Jie。Zhu wrote in the caption: "Brother Jie not only plays well, courage is commendable, this spirit should be maintained." This season, Xu Jie played 40 regular season games for Guangdong team, an average of 28 games.3分钟,
First winning streak in 2 years!The national football team can only abuse dishes: 13 wins in 30 games to win the highest in the world 90th
The second warm-up game, the national Football team beat Palestine 2-0, won a winning streak for the first time since June 2019, but the victory was not enough, after all, the opponent's world ranking is too low, and the national football team can only sadomasochistic dish。Myanmar is ranked 160th in the FIFA world rankings, while Palestine is only 93rd and the national Football team is currently ranked
Reporter: Kim Min Zai is leaning towards joining Bayern, but Manchester City's half-way out adds to the uncertainty
June 20, according to German media TZ reporter Philipp Kessler and Manuel Bonke reported that Napoli center back Kim Min Zai is more inclined to join Bayern, but Manchester City suddenly killed out, so that things more uncertain。Kim is more likely to join Bayern than Man
What do soccer girls do to pass the time while waiting for the morning game?
What do the girls watching the ball do to pass the time when they are waiting for the game in the early morning 🤔, the first round of dough has been ho ho finished, can not eat at all 😂
Fried chicken at the moment!Three Premier League giants rebuild, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, snatch Real Madrid superstar
TEAMtalk understands that Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have all tried to sign Real Madrid star Valverde this summer。The Uruguayan superstar, who can play anywhere up front or in midfield, has become an important part of Carlo Ancelotti's team in recent years。However, with Bellingham's arrival, some
Italian media: If DV9 leaves the team Juve intends to sign Icardi, has been in contact with the player
June 20, according to the "Daily" reported that if Vlahovic leaves the team, Juve intends to introduce Icardi, and has been in contact with Icardi。Juventus are reportedly considering a move for Icardi。Icardi's contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in 2024 and his annual salary is high
Mutual interest!Team note: The Timberwolves also want Naz Reed back
June 20 - Naz Reed and the Timberwolves contract ends this summer, he will become a full free agent。According to team reporter Jon Krawczynski, the entire Timberwolves organization, from the front office to the coaching staff, wants Naz Reed back。The continuation of the team with Naz Reed
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