Build "core" for national industry
Post: Manchester United want to sign Ivan in January
According to the Mail, United will be restricted in January from signing at low prices or on loan due to ownership uncertainty。Tunhag wants to bring in a striker and a defender, but Financial Fair Play restrictions and uncertainty over the timing of Ratcliffe's cash injection will prevent United from making a major investment。
It hurts more than a broken bone. It's killed a lot of people!There has been a high incidence of the disease recently
According to Xiamen Daily news, the reporter learned from Xiamen Customs on August 28 that the airport customs of Xiamen Customs recently detected the first case of dengue fever at Xiamen port this year in inbound flights。On August 30, local time, the Guatemalan Ministry of Health pointed out that the country has reported 10,914 cases of infection so far this year, compared with the same period last year
Beijing media reporter: Taishan team low quality, Cui Kangxi lost his handsome demeanor, accusing Taishan fan culture
In this game, Guoan and Shandong Taishan players launched a fierce confrontation, but too many fouls and yellow cards, resulting in the game intermittent, unable to flow。After the game, Beijing media reporters criticized Cui Kangxi's speech at a press conference, believing that he was preoccupied with Suarez and the away factor and lacked a name
Wuhan real estate market management center detailed explanation of "recognize the house does not recognize the loan" in Han no room can enjoy the first set of mortgage, interest rate 3.8%
Drawing/Liu Yang Chutian City Daily Jimu news reporter Liu Shan) Since yesterday, Wuhan began to implement the "housing does not recognize loans" policy。In response to the new policy, Wuhan Market Management Center has made a detailed interpretation, as shown in the figure on the right)。The standard for the number of housing units in this policy is only for families without houses, and does not apply to families with houses。For Zaiwu
Barcelona: Neymar's girlfriend's home was robbed when Bruna and her daughter were not at home
According to Brazilian media R7 news, Neymar's girlfriend Bruna home was robbed, Bruna and her daughter were not at home at the time of the incident, but Bruna's parents were tied up and the robbers took away some property。Neymar suffered a serious scare on Tuesday, November 7, with his newborn daughter
The draw of the European Champions League draws hot discussion: Participation in the European Champions League in the end "make more money", a detailed explanation of the specific figures
On September 1, the draw of the new season of the Champions League ended, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Newcastle United were divided into the super version of the death group, which can be said to be "historically" difficult to see
No money but a lot of money. Barcelona got Felix and Cancelo on loan
No money but there is a heritage, Barcelona loan Felix and Cancellovin/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Liu Yi European football summer transfer window closed on September 2, last season's La Liga champion Barcelona loan two Portuguese internationals Felix and Cancelo, showing extraordinary wealth。菲利
A dream come true!Felix joins Barca on loan: Thanks for the financial effort
A dream come true!Felix loan to Barcelona club: Thanks to the economic efforts on September 2, Beijing time, Barcelona club officials announced that the loan of Portuguese star Felix, for a season。 La Liga's website confirmed the transfer and said Felix had completed his registration,
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