Build "core" for national industry
Well deserved!Official: Cristiano Ronaldo's full moon Scimitar was voted the best goal in the third round of the AFC Champions League group stage
Official news, C Luo against Duhaile's full moon cutlass was elected the best goal of the third round of the Asian Champions League group stage。In the third round of the Asian Champions League group stage, Riyadh won at home against Duhaile, C Luo staged two points, and sent an assist to help Riyadh win 4-3 defeat opponents。In the 61st minute of the game, C Luo hit a circle
The longest river!Only five players in history have played 21 seasons and James is about to become the sixth
According to statistics, there are five players in NBA history who have played 21 seasons, and James is about to become the sixth。The five players and their 21st season averages are points/rebounds/assists, respectively) : Robert Parrish: 4/2/1;Kevin Willis: 2/
22 PM!Domestic media exposed the controversial material: the Chinese women's volleyball team was embarrassed, and fans made fun of it
It can be seen from the domestic media reports that the overall performance of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the Asian Games is still good, they face an absolute advantage of the opponents in the group stage, and the two games are big wins, although the media did not disclose more information, but the competition at the door is not live, which not only makes the Chinese women's volleyball team feel very embarrassed
What a shame!Twice leading by the draw Wuhan three towns Asian Championship debut 2
In the 27th minute, ITO Dun tree left pass inverted triangle, Anshu Haidu a left foot sweep, the ball hit the right upright pop-up。In the 31st minute, Linson passed the ball after the right rib burst, and the ball was blocked off the bottom line by Park Ji-soo。In the 32nd minute, Rock Botuo also violated Aziz to get a yellow card。37 min. Linson's side hook
AC Milan are close to visa-free in the winter window, according to Romano and Moreto...
AC Milan are close to waiving a visa for 17-year-old Serbian youngster Mattia Popovic in the winter window, according to Romano and Moreto。Despite a number of teams interested in the potential star, Milan are leading the race for the player and are confident of sealing a deal quickly。Mattia Popovich is 5 '3 "tall and has dominant feet
Shake News RX 7800 XT / 7700 XT Red Devil graphics card for sale, from 4299 yuan
October 3 news, Shake news has now launched RX 7800 XT / 7700 XT Red Devils graphics card, optional high-end Red Devils limited edition, the price has been announced, IT home summary is as follows: Shake news RX7700 XT Red Devils price 4299 yuan Shake news RX7
Google Chromebook Plus announced: Eight models starting at $399
October 3 news, a few days ago, Google and Lenovo Acer Asustek HP and other manufacturers released eight Chromebook Plus notebooks, built-in Google applications and AI functions, priced at $399
Yamura joked about the Lakers' official photo of him and James: It makes me look thin and weak
October 03 news before the Lakers official released James and eight villages 塁 training photos together。Hachimura talked about it in an interview at 塁 today, Lakers media day。Hachimura 塁 joked about the Lakers: "I'm mad at the Lakers social media team for Posting pictures of me and lebron, which makes me look so bad
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