Build "core" for national industry
Bench assist, Pelisteri: That's it!We must move on!
Substitute to send an assist, Pelisteri social media message: This is it!We must move on!B Fee encouragement: Vamoooooos🔥
Milan: Milan are interested in selling a number of players this summer, Origi&Rebich&Adley's on the list
June 18, according to the "Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that Milan is ready to sell a number of players in the summer, including Reibich, Origi, Adli, Toure, Vasquez and others。Milan need to streamline the squad this summer, and none of the players on loan will be bought out, such as Durst, Bakayoko, Franks and so on
The City of football!The Manchester City pair both have a season ticket waiting list of 120,000 for next season
June 18, with Manchester City won the treble last season, Manchester United changed the team's results have improved, the Manchester market has become more and more hot。According to the Daily Mail, the Manchester City pair both have a waiting list of 120,000 for season tickets next season。Looking at the entire 20 teams in the Premier League, only
(Sports) The Chinese women's volleyball team suffered its first defeat in the World League against Poland
Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong, June 17Reporter Wei Hua, Liang Wenjia) The 2023 World Women's Volleyball League China Hong Kong station on the 17th ushered in a focus of the showdown, the Chinese women's volleyball team in Hung Hom Stadium to 0-3 lost to Poland, suffered the first defeat of this season's World League。 The two teams have performed impressively since the start of the match, with China having won earlier
The Bundesliga website has been updated with both submissions from Wolfsburg v Werder Bremen...
The Bundesliga website has updated the starting list submitted by Wolfsburg v Werder Bremen。
Season-changing trade: Durante Irving West to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook
The 2022-23 season has come to an end, welcome to the season inventory of this season, review the course of the nine-month season, several happy several worry, surprise and accident。Trading has always been an important part of the NBA, some transactions not only have a huge impact on the two sides of the deal, but also often affect
Team notes: The Timberwolves team got along well and the locker room wasn't really divided by the conflict
June 18, TA Timberwolves reporter Jon Krawczynski recently wrote an article to answer some questions from fans, which mentioned the Timberwolves locker room atmosphere。The article wrote that while many people were worried about the Kyle Anderson and Gerber conflict, the two of them have calmed that
Feel oppressed!Chinese women's volleyball 0-3 brittle defeat, 6 consecutive wins were ended, CAI Bin helpless Li Yingying alone
In a World Women's Volleyball League in Hong Kong, the Chinese Women's Volleyball team welcomed the Polish women's volleyball team。Although the Chinese women's volleyball team is far superior to the Polish Women's Volleyball team in the world rankings, the Polish Women's Volleyball team is the biggest dark horse of this World Women's Volleyball League, and it only ranks second with a slight advantage before the game
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