Build "core" for national industry
Match highlights: Borussia Dortmund 2
Be happy!I won the game again, and the happiness brought by the National Day small international doubled!
National Day I dedicated to our Nella's second victory, is a happy day!"The day before yesterday to score a senior happy, today spit cake senior happy!"If you did not watch the live broadcast of Nella may wake up in the morning to see this title will be to laugh at Taro, the day before yesterday or I Luo, today scold me mule。Let's just have fun
Last time we won the season!Jennings on Lillard: Best deal Bucks have made since Big O
On October 4, former NBA player Brandon Jennings spoke about the Lillard trade on Gil's Arena。Jennings said: "This is the best deal the Bucks have made since they got Oscar Robertson, so you have to give the front office credit for bringing in the best control.
September sales hit a new high, a strong back to doubt
Consecutive monthly sales of more than 50,000 units is a sign that Ian has proved its strength。At the same time, it must be a statement that the potential of Ian is limitless。As the year draws to a close, the desire of major car companies for sales has also reached a peak。Especially the new energy brand, backed by the remaining policy dividend, everyone wants to be in
The 14th Bundesliga season unbeaten broke a number of records, and the Champions League reached the top。
[FM story board S1E14] Lead Bayern back to the top of Europe!The 14th Bundesliga season unbeaten broke a number of records, and the Champions League reached the top。The content of this column is an aerial narrative based on the game archive and has no connection with the reality club. Please do not bring in or cite without reference.
Live star challenge Lanzhou station on October 4, mixed doubles Liang Jingkun Qian Tianyi debut
On October 4, the WTT Star Challenge Lanzhou Station entered the first day of the main competition, and there will be mixed doubles 1/8 final, men's doubles 1/8 final, women's doubles 1/8 final, men's singles 1/32 final and women's singles 1/32 final。
S13 Global Finals theme song "God" preview: The main character Deft in team uniform debut!
October 4, 2023 League of Heroes global finals theme song "God" will be released at 1 p.m. on October 4, Beijing time, the official announcement today, the protagonist Deft in team uniform debut!
Race highlights: Berlin United 2
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