Build "core" for national industry
Leo scores with a barb to help AC Milan 2
Leo netted from the backbar to help AC Milan beat Paris 2-1;Camalda scored from the back of the net as AC Milan U19 beat Paris U19 3-2。
Play all seven innings!Lin Gaoyuan defeated Fan Zhendong to win the championship
Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Zhan Shuzhen On the evening of July 2, the last race day of the Zagreb station of the WTT regular Challenge。In the men's singles final, China's Lin Gaoyuan defeated teammate Fan Zhendong 4-3 to win the championship, while Fan finished runner-up。Lin Gaoyuan Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan are teammates and know each other very well
The official announcement will understand!The renminbi depreciates every day, and what are the "relevant authorities" waiting for
The official announcement will understand!The renminbi depreciates every day, "relevant departments" are waiting for what June 23, the renminbi in the offshore exchange rate against the US dollar have broken 7.23 yuan mark, hit a seven-month low。At this point, the RMB has depreciated by 4% against the US dollar and its exchange rate, while the zero RMB exchange rate against the US dollar has accumulated
Richard Li welcomed the fourth child, Li Ka-shing generously sent to the mansion, the paternity room to witness the happy moment
Hong Kong movie star Leong Lok Shih is a very attractive actress, she has great features and excellent appearance level, while showing a unique personality。As a young woman, Ms. Leong fell in love with Richard Li, a Hong Kong tycoon。For Richard Li, Ms. Leong provided a sense of stability。If it wasn't for the parents
Pippo Inzaghi: Consider letting Lautaro rest, Sanchez will get playing time
At 4 o 'clock Beijing time on November 9, Inter will usher in the Champions League group stage with Red Bull Salzburg on the road, and coach Inzaghi attended the pre-match conference。Talking about the game we know the importance of tomorrow's game, they showed their quality in our home stadium, it is a very physical team, have
Telegraph: Newcastle United are considering loan deals for Phillips and Gallagher and have no intention of splashing out this summer
3 July - The Daily Telegraph has exclusively reported that Newcastle are considering loan deals for Manchester City midfielder Phillips and Chelsea midfielder Gallagher, while the Magpies' talks with Southampton over Lifemento have stalled。Sources at Newcastle say the club have had a lot of contact in the transfer market
MIDI: Gianluigi Buffon is seriously considering hanging up his boots despite receiving a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia
July 3, according to "La Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that despite receiving a lucrative offer from the Saudi team, Buffon is still seriously considering whether to hang up his boots this summer。Buffon reportedly received a very lucrative offer from the Saudi side, with reports suggesting a two-year deal worth 15 million euros a year), but the 45-year-old
You have to count on the main players?China ping fault crisis Li Falcon dilemma, Liu Guoliang timely decentralization is very important
Do you support Liu Guoliang's timely decentralization?Zagreb station regular challenge has come to a successful end, the five items have produced the final champion, the national table tennis team once again became the biggest winner, compared with the last station WTT Tunis, the national table tennis team this trip to Croatia's athletes lineup is much more luxurious, which is also reflected in the results, five
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