Build "core" for national industry
Mirror: Manchester United win after the team dinner, Rashford is absent
According to the Mirror, the United players had a meal after the win, with Rashford absent。Reports suggest that United held a team meal after beating Fulham, but the injured Rashford was not with his team-mates。Rashford threw a birthday party after the Manchester City Derby defeat and apologised to manager Peter Tunhag after he
Led the team's first 20 games in the Champions League only two wins, Rodgers set a record for the lowest number of wins
Early this morning Beijing time, the second round of the Champions League group stage continued。In Group E, first-round loser Celtic return home to face "Blue Eagles" Lazio。In the end, the Celtics lost 2-1, suffering a second straight loss。In this game, it was Celtic who scored first。12 minutes, forward
Karim Benzema has promoted Saudi Arabia's World Cup bid: The future is bright, it will be an unforgettable World Cup
Benzema for the Saudi bid for the World Cup promotion: bright prospects, it will be a memorable World Cup live on October 5, the Saudi Football Association official announced plans to bid for the 2034 World Cup。Benzema, who now plays for Jeddah United, publicised the decision in a post。 Benzema forwarded the Saudi Football Association to announce plans
Three major achievements in the Asian Games: women's football top 4 and men's football top 8, women's basketball gold medal and men's volleyball silver medal
China defeated Japan 74-72 to win the women's basketball championship at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Oct 5。The results of the Chinese team in the three Games are as follows。China men's volleyball 1-3 Iran, won the silver medal China men's soccer 0-2 South Korea, lost to the last eight China women's soccer 3-0
Yan Xiangchuang talks about demotion: the heart is still unable to calm down, worthy of the support of the fans this year
After the relegation of Dalian people's Chinese Super League, veteran Yan Xiangchuang updated social media today, saying that his heart is still unable to calm down, and he is ashamed of the support of fans this year。Yan wrote: "When I opened my mobile phone and saw the information about yesterday's match in the moments, Weibo and Tiktok, my heart still couldn't calm down. I'm sorry for everyone and for the fans
Martino: It's strange for rival fans to ask Messi if he's on the team, usually opponents hope he's not
Martino: Rival fans have asked Messi is not very strange, the general opponent hopes he does not live on it, October 5, Miami International today 1-4 lost to the Chicago Fire, after the game Martino talked about Messi's absence。 Martino said: "I understand the expectations of the fans, but if Messi is healthy
New training list released, China may be 'four unlike'
But after giving up Xu Xin, no more additions to the midfield candidates, which is puzzling。In particular, Yankovic seems to be "not cold" to Li Yuan from beginning to end, which makes people feel very confused。 In terms of age, the three were born in 1993, and Li Yuanyi was two months younger than Wang Shangyuan and seven years younger than Wang Qiuming
Oyal and his team in the corner!
Oyal and his team in the corner!
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