Build "core" for national industry
Chelsea Supporters Trust: Scheduling games on Christmas Eve is unacceptable
The Chelsea Supporters Trust has issued a statement calling on the Premier League to reverse the decision to play Wolves on Christmas Eve。The Premier League released its full fixture list for the Christmas period on Thursday afternoon, with Wolves hosting Chelsea as the only fixture on Christmas Eve, which will be the first time in 28 years it has been held on the day
Juventus are planning a summer move for Mirin and may sell Chiesa Jr to raise funds
June 28 - Italian "Corriere dello Sport" today updated Juve and Milinkovic's transfer progress。"Luo Ti" pointed out that Juve has previously finalized the renewal of Rabiot, this will not be Juve's only midfield operation this summer, and now Juve is working hard to plan to sign Milinkovic。Lotito
Chen Jianzhou incident more details exposed, and size S past explosive, triangular relationship intriguing
We're not surprised who collapsed in the entertainment industry, but let's see who's roof caught fire again today。The sky is dry, beware of the fire!。But small S group
Italian goalkeepers transfer fee ranking: Gianluigi Buffon top 53 million euros, Vicario 5th
June 28, Empoli goalkeeper Vicario to 19 million euros transfer Tottenham, the German transfer market website listed the Italian goalkeeper transfer fee ranking, Buffon with 53 million euros first, Vicario ranked fifth。Italian goalkeepers transfer fee ranking: Buffon Parma → Juve) - 5,300
As: Both Levan and de Jong are willing to play in the National Derby
According to the "As" news, Lewan and de Jong will join Barcelona on Friday training, Lewan may even start the national Derby, and Lewan and de Jong are willing to play in the closed。As' Barca and team reporter Harvey Miguel reports that Lewan and De Jong will train with the team on Friday
The big inversion!Garratt confirmed to retain Chinese nationality after retirement: I am still Chinese!
Recently, the topic of naturalization is very interesting, in addition to the positive effect brought by Aksen and Alan, there are also many voices to question and criticize, of which, Gaurat's retirement and ready to restore citizenship has triggered discussion。Compared with the news that a large number of voices pointed out that Garratt will withdraw from Chinese nationality, Garratt also
Lee Kyle naturalized commercial value or explosion: the Chinese name has been applied for trademark Kyle Anderson was squatted
Chinese men's basketball naturalization target Li Kyle has arrived in Shanghai on June 27, and now according to media person Fu Zhenghao reported that Li Kyle's Chinese name "Li Kyle" has been applied for registration as a trademark in the review mode, and last year his English name translated "Kyle - Anderson" has been registered as a trademark by Guangdong Jieyang enterprises。中
Every body: The Barca coaching staff's lack of confidence in Nico could lead to him being loaned out again
June 28 - According to the Daily Sport, the current lack of confidence in the Barca coaching staff of Nico Gonzalez could lead to him being loaned out again。Nico Gonzalez arrived at La Masia at the age of 11 and was moulded as a future replacement for Busquets。But inexplicably, everything is table
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