Build "core" for national industry
Memory kill: 08 little Luo side burst across the Red Army's entire defense line
Xiake Island: Chinese football needs "village super" to expand the social football population and cultivate sports culture
June 27 news "Xiaoke Island" article analyzed the reason for the "village super" fire, that such pure sportsmanship and sports enthusiasm, how can not make people linger?Chinese football needs "village super" to expand the social football population。Village super "why can fire?One reason is the extreme "village" smell。Village header competition
The road of the domestic car is going astray!Do not study the engine, gearbox, chassis, but to engage in those fancy configuration
Let me analyze a bunch of stupid configurations!1, 360° panoramic image Every time I look at this function I feel troublesome, as long as the car distance is enough, give us rearview mirror + reverse radar, I can smoothly pour into it!Looking at a line on the left and a line on the right is annoying!And it is because of the existence of this function
National youth double gun a joy a sorrow: Wang Junjie 21 points 4 data the highest Zhao Weilun 4 in 1 magic no longer
On June 27, Beijing time, the Chinese U19 men's basketball team regretted losing the Spanish team to swallow the bottom of the group for 3 consecutive defeats, in the case of Zhao Weilun's sluggish performance of 1 in 4 only scored 5 points and 5 fouls in advance graduation, another bench player Wang Junjie ushered in a big outbreak。Wang was 7 of 17, including 4 of 9 from 3-point range, plus free throws
New stadium in Rome: Protests persisted at a meeting with the city authorities
The public debate highlighted divisions between supporters of the new stadium, the municipality that gave the green light for the first time, and the residents' committee that opposed the new stadium。Councillor Veloccia: "In Rome there are three million citizens, it is normal for a few dozen people to oppose it, in my opinion, it is very low in percentage terms。"In the Pietr
Spurs will reject any offer for Kane, having already turned down a €70m offer from Bayern
On June 27, according to Sky Sports reporter Michael Bridge, Bayern have officially made an offer for Kane, but it has been rejected by Spurs, who will reject any offer for Kane。According to various sources, including colleagues at Deutsche Sky, Bayern Munich has officially submitted one
The president of the Spanish Football Federation wants to build a new stadium for the national team
Spain plans to build a new stadium for the national team, Spanish Football Federation President Rubiales announced on Tuesday。The new stadium will host the vast majority of the Spanish national team's matches, and Rubiales said the Spanish Football Federation was trying to leave a legacy along those lines
How does a $2 meal for a civil servant become a privilege and corruption?
In 2023, a social atmosphere of hatred against officials, hatred against the rich and hatred against civil servants arose in society. First, everyone shared a deep hatred for corrupt officials and corrupt behaviors, then civil servants' pension was too high and was criticized, and now there was the argument that civil servants' two-yuan meals were privileged corruption and collective corruption。Actually not
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