Build "core" for national industry
❗ Ronaldo's world wave against Duhaile was voted third in the AFC Champions League...
❗ Cristiano Ronaldo's world wave against Duhaile was voted the best goal of the third round of the AFC Champions League!
Ask the world all series models launched 1.3 version OTA taste fresh upgrade, new Xiaoyi smart parking and other functions
September 3 news, AITO ask the world Automobile announced today through the official App that it will launch the Ask the world M5 series of models OTA limited time taste activities, activities for the ask the world M5 version owners, including the ask the world M51000 people) Ask the world M5 pure electric version 800
Hutubi County 4000 mu of melon ushered in the harvest season
Xinjiang news September 3 Liu Yujie Liu Yanhui Li Yuxin) in the autumn season, melons and fruits fragrance。At present, Hutubi County nearly 4000 mu of melon into the harvest period, farmers do not miss farming, seize the time to harvest, and strive to achieve increased production and income。On August 30, gourd seeds were harvested in Longwangmiao village, Wugongtai Town, Hutubi County
Xiamen Exit-Entry Administration has added a window for Taiwan residents to apply for permits
China News Service Xiamen, September 1 (reporter Yang Fushan)Xiamen Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration (hereinafter referred to as: Xiamen Exit-Entry Administration) from September 1 to promote a series of convenient service measures, the establishment of a special window for Taiwan compatriots to handle the card, the addition of Siming, Hu District government service center extended acceptance points, launched two foreign personnel to handle the card
EIN BUNDNIS FUR DIE EWIGKEIT forever Union!❤ ️ 🖤 💙 🤍
The horse industry has huge economic benefits, why the equestrian club benefit is not good?
The horse industry has huge economic benefits, why the equestrian club benefit is not good? "Equestrian clubs were born and developed at a faster pace to meet the growing consumer demand for equestrian sports, which is the emerging tertiary industry in the recreation industry and also prepares the conditions for the development of the horse racing industry in China.。 Equestrian club
The final piece of the genetic "jigsaw" unravels the mysteries of life
On August 23, two papers published in the journal Nature announced that scientists have assembled the first complete sequence of the human Y chromosome, completing the human genome, the "book of life"。Over the years, the first draft of the "Book of life" has been repeatedly polished and picked up by scientists。After waiting more than 20 years, Y was dyed
Racing film "Gran Turismo: Speed" Douban open 7.4 points, first day box office 240.8 万
On September 3, the hot blood racing action movie "Gran Turismo: Extreme Speed" was released in China on September 1, adapted from the real legendary experience of PlayStation game players who became professional race drivers, and directed by Neil Blomkamp, director of "District 9"。《G
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