Build "core" for national industry
Can't bear it?The odds on the dismissal of Tenhach have soared to second place in the Premier League, Pochettino...
Can't bear it?Tenhach's dismissal odds soared to second in the Premier League, Pochettino to fifth。Manchester United's 3-0 Carling Cup defeat at Newcastle United has left him under increasing pressure。There have been growing doubts about Tenhauch's management and some players have harboured grudges against their team-mates。Attached: Premier League manager's latest departure odds
Since July 1, after the adjustment of pensions in the provinces, the following groups have reissued thousands of yuan?
July should be the provincial pension began to focus on the release of adjustment rules, and began to meet the adjustment of the retirees one-time reissue of pensions, then, according to the "increase one supplement six" online, retirees 6 months of pension increase can reach the level of thousands of yuan?First of all, according to the previous year
South Korea pushes ahead with THAAD deployment, North Korea warns: It will be like the eve of War!A wake-up call for China
First of all, the report points out that the situation around the Korean Peninsula is now the same as it was on the eve of the Korean War in the 1950s due to the influence of military confrontations between the United States and South Korea against the DPRK。Second, the report stressed that the US encroachment on the DPRK's autonomy and security interests has reached a situation that can no longer be tolerated
Luo Ti: The Saudi team may activate Dybala 12 million euros of liquidated damages, and provide a sky-high annual salary
June 27, according to the "Corriere Dello Sport" reported that the Saudi team intends to introduce Dybala。According to the report, Dybala's contract with Roma has a liquidated damages clause effective for teams outside Serie A before the end of July, the amount is only 12 million euros。This is very attractive for Saudi teams
Mane: The Saudi League is getting stronger and Riyadh victory fans are the best in the league
Riyadh triumphed in the Saudi Arabian King Cup 1/8 final 1-0 victory over Dammam Collaboration, with Mane scoring the winning goal in the 107th minute。After the game, he expressed his thoughts on the game, the Saudi Federation and thanked the fans。On the race and the Saudi League "It was by far the most difficult I have played
Sudden change in the world rankings!Fan Zhendong Chen Meng is not safe, 2 people are cold, 15 year old prodigy fight through
Recently, the national table tennis team is competing in the WTT Zagreb regular challenge, on the other hand, Malone they are preparing for the star game, looking forward to getting better results in July。Just recently, the International Volleyball Federation updated the world ranking, from the current ranking, although the overall pattern has not changed greatly, but the situation
There's a live stream!Qian Tianyi Liang Jingkun play the qualifier!China table tennis 3 world champions appear today!
Beijing time on June 26, the main team of the national table tennis team to Europe Croatia to participate in the Zagreb Challenge has arrived at the destination safely。In this competition, the national table tennis team sent Sun Yingsha, Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, Lin Gaoyuan four absolute main force to lead the competition。Among them, Sun Yingsha, who participated in women's singles and mixed doubles, will have a double impact again
Official announcement!CCTV named 28-year-old Zhu Ting, new identity exposure, return to the team time, CAI Bin look forward to
Recently, the Chinese Women's Volleyball team is competing in the Women's Volleyball World League, on the other hand, Zhu Ting has not returned to the team, and now the list of 14 people in the third week has been released, Zhu Ting still can not return。Under such circumstances, many fans are concerned about what Zhu Ting is doing, and when can she return next
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