Build "core" for national industry
VAR cancelled the whole process of Manchester United's goal, Maguire offside in the first goal invalid
Big V is accused of taking photos, big V said: Do you want civil or criminal?The female boxer immediately chickened out
【pp电子官网】Female boxer touch porcelain big V, said big V secret shot, did not expect a kick to the iron plate。Big V said: Do you want to go through the civil procedure or the criminal procedure?As a result, the female boxer seconds!Some women, specialized
Russia finally went crazy, and the United States quickly said it was trying to put out the fire, barring Ukraine from joining NATO
In recent times, Ukraine's counteroffensive seems to have no context, especially after the Russian army successively blew up Leopard -2 main battle tanks and armored vehicles, the Ukrainian army seems to disappear。At least in the near future, there is no news of the Ukrainian army's success in the counter-offensive, the move appears to confirm Kiev's previous rhetoric not to counterattack the Ukrainian army
The latest BWF rankings are announced!Chen Yufei took the championship to the third place, and the national feather occupied the first place in two events
On June 20, Beijing time, the BWF officially announced the latest world ranking。This week, Guo Yu still occupies two world No.1 in women's doubles and mixed doubles, and Chen Yufei in women's singles rises one place with her first title of the season, and other players' rankings have also changed accordingly。Men's singles Ancyron still ranked first in the world
Pep Guardiola was full of praise for Doku。He says multi-library can even...
Pep Guardiola was full of praise for Doku。He said Doku could even create something for the fans。When Doku took the ball, everyone was excited, including Guardiola himself, because something was going to happen, and then it did happen。Guardiola also said that Doku is very, very open at Manchester City
Chengdu-hong Kong high-speed train crew will change clothes for the first time
In order to fully meet the travel needs of Chengdu and Hong Kong passengers, the national railway implementation of the third quarter train operation diagram from July 1, Chengdu and Hong Kong high-speed rail trains will be launched for the first time, Chengdu and Hong Kong to achieve a quick direct car between the two places, further shortening the time and space distance between Sichuan and Hong Kong, to promote the flow of people and the two places
South Korea vs El Salvador Start: Son Heung-min replaces, Cho Kyu-sung, Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Gang-in play
On June 20, 19:00 Beijing time, the friendly match between South Korea and El Salvador will start, and the starting lineup has been announced before the game。Goalkeeper: 1- Kim Seung-kyu Defenders: 3- Kim Jin-soo, 15- Chung Seung-hyun, 22- Seol Young-woo, 23- Park Ji-soo, midfielders: 5- Park Young-woo, 6- Hwang In-beom
Pedula: Gossens is open to joining United Berlin, Inter asking for around 20 million euros
June 20 transfer expert Pedula personal official website news, Inter full-back Gossens is currently open to joining the Berlin United。Pedula said Inter are now focusing on signing in the transfer market and hope to complete the transfer of Gossens in the next few days to raise funds。Currently Gossens
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