Build "core" for national industry
We sincerely thank you all for your congratulations and encouragement to share this exciting victory!
In the 27th round of the 2023 Chinese League, Sichuan Jiuniu beat its opponent 4-0 to obtain the 2024 Chinese Super League qualification three rounds in advance, and in the latter round of the game, they continued to win the 2023 Chinese League championship two rounds in advance!Sichuan Football ushered in the history of the first Chinese League championship!here
How to present a gift to the National Day?Li Meng: Let's see what we do
中新网杭州9月27日电 27日,中国女篮在杭州亚运会首秀中101比46大比分击败蒙古队。Li Meng, a member of the Chinese women's basketball team who just returned from an overseas tour, scored 10 points in the game。After the game was asked about the National Day approaching, how will be the gift for the motherland, Li Meng answered
3 goals 3 assists!Worth $85 million!Barca compete for the 20-year-old talent, Real Madrid sneer: Do you have money
3 goals 3 assists!Worth $85 million!Barcelona compete for the 20-year-old talent, Real Madrid sneer: Do you have money Barcelona Football Club, is the legendary team in Spanish football, has always been the focus of the world's fans。Recently, they brought in young star Felix from Portugal in a low-cost transfer
Accidentally hit Gnabry, Bayern goalkeeper Schenk: I want to apologize to him
In the current round of the German Cup match, Bayern Munich won 4-0 away to the German team Prussia Munster。However, in the opening stage of the game, Bayern attacker Genabry was replaced because of an arm injury。It was Bayern's young goalkeeper Schenk, on loan from Prussia Munster, who injured Gnabry。After the game, Schenk said: "I
Skilla: The dog has been recommended to Juve and he is willing to accept less than six months and a very low salary
Douglas Costa, who has already announced his departure from Los Angeles Galaxy, has been recommended to his old club Juventus, according to Italian journalist Schilla。[Douglas Costa: No player in the world can refuse Juve, I would also like to go back] The report said Douglas - Coase
German media: After the German Cup, Hoeness and Tuchel had a long talk and were satisfied with Bayern's performance
In the current round of the German Cup match, Bayern Munich beat the German team Munster Prussia 4-0。German media "Munich Evening News" said that Bayern senior Hoeness watched the game, and after the game and Bayern coach Tuchel had a long talk。Munich local media "Munich evening
Good news for Eintracht Frankfurt - the Croatia international has been sidelined through injury...
Good news for Eintracht Frankfurt - Croatia international Jakic has returned to normal training after being sidelined by injury.
The first brother thinks Poole is deliberately not defending?Cole: Look forward. Whatever happened in the past is in the past
September 27, a brother had talked about Poole when he was a guest on the podcast program, said that at today's press conference, a warrior reporter asked whether the remarks of a brother Cole were correct, Cole said: "Let's focus on this season, let's look forward together.。What happened in the past is in the past。
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