Build "core" for national industry
Bologna v Lazio Total stats: Shots on goal 6
Beijing time on November 04 Bologna vs Lazio, the technical statistics of the two teams after the game are as follows: Bologna vs Lazio possession rate: 50%-50% shots: 6-11 positive shots: 2-1 Corners: 2-6 fouls: 12-8 Yellow card: 2-5 Passes: 537-536 Successful passes
The high-speed railway from Guiyang to Nanning went into operation on August 31, and the two places can be reached within 3 hours
Following the opening of the Guiyang to Libo section of the new Guiyang to Nanning high-speed railway on August 8, the Nanning to Libo section will open for operation on August 31, according to China Railway。By then, the Guilian-South high-speed railway will realize the operation of the whole line, and a new traffic artery will be added to the southwest region of China, and the traffic between Guizhou and Guangxi provinces will be more frequent
Sabic CEO: Expect the "Belt and Road" Initiative to open more growth opportunities for the chemical industry
"The huge potential released by the Belt and Road Initiative has not only benefited China and Saudi Arabia, but also brought many new opportunities to many countries in the world。On August 29, Abdullah Haman Al-Faj, CEO of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, said in an interview with other media。He also said he expected"
Huayin Power: to invest 86.3.4 billion yuan construction of Datang Huayin Zhuzhou 2×1 million kW expansion and upgrading project
Huayin Power announced on August 30 that the company intends to invest in the construction of Datang Huayin Zhuzhou 2×1 million kW expansion and upgrading project, and the total investment of the project is expected to be 86.3.4 billion yuan, unit kilowatt dynamic investment of 4273 yuan/kilowatt, project investment main Datang Zhuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company
Salerno - Salernitana commemorates 24 May 1999 in PI...
Salerno - Salernitana commemorates the four fans who lost their lives in the Piacenza - Salerno train accident on May 24, 1999。Reference reading: Salernitana and Florence - 1990s: Feud and tragedy there, http:www.violanation.
China-asean Colorful Wisdom Academy Development Forum: Build consensus to help digital development of higher vocational education
In order to promote educational exchanges between China and ASEAN countries and further promote the development of China-Asean Colorful Wisdom Academy, the "China-ASEAN Colorful Wisdom Academy Development Forum" was held on the 29th at the permanent site of China-Asean Exchange Week。The forum was packed with guests,
Double carbon evening paper
On August 29, Li Chunlin, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the 2023 Green, low-carbon and high-quality Development Conference that the National Development and Reform Commission will continue to improve the policy system of green and low-carbon development, and fully promote high-quality ecological environment to support high-quality development
Huijintong: increase income does not increase profit, the first half of the net profit to the mother decreased by 27.81%
Huijintong announced on August 30 that the company achieved operating income of 17 in the first half of the year.6 billion yuan, an increase of 4.74%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2526.140,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 27.81%。The company's provision of credit impairment losses and asset impairment losses will lead to the merger of the company
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