Build "core" for national industry
With the word "steady", I have reached at least the last 16 of the German Cup for 13 consecutive seasons!
One word: steady ✅🔝 I have reached at least the round of 16 of the German Cup for 13 consecutive seasons, the only German team to achieve this achievement!
Hospital roof water leakage lax management of men to see a doctor slip ten level disability court awarded the hospital compensation of more than 80,000 yuan
Hospital is a public place, the law stipulates that as the operator, manager of public places or the organizer of mass activities, should fulfill the obligation to ensure the safety of the place。Should the hospital be held responsible for a man who slipped and injured himself when he went to hospital for treatment? Case ground slippery man injured in hospital fall 2022
Rooted in the grassroots 23 years, Qingdao women's football "godmother" hard to say goodbye
Zhao Xiaoyan will turn 55 next month and retire as a coach at the Qingdao Sports Bureau。A short curly hair, dressed in sports clothes, she stands or sits, the waist straight, the appearance looks far younger than the actual age, outsiders can hardly imagine that she is the Qingdao "women's football godmother" full of peaches and plies.。Zhao Xiaoyan
The modern version of Yu Zecheng, found two senior military officials, by exchange to return home
In March 1996, the sun shines on the coast of Taiwan Island, and the sea breeze blows the distant waves。But this serene scene belies an impending crisis。At the military base on the mainland, top officials gathered in a secret conference room。They furrowed their brows in the face of a fascinating
◎ 7th: Bergkamp ◎ 8th: Rijkaard ◎ 9th:...
◎ 7: Bergkamp ◎ 8: Rijkaard ◎ 9: Basten ◎ 10: Gullit
The final verdict, the last round of Fellaini controversial penalty the Football Association gave the answer, the dispute referee continues to enforce the law
The focus of the 14th round of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Taishan team drew at home with the leader Shanghai Harbor team。At the beginning of the second half, Fellaini's header was alerted by VAR video assistant referee Wang Jing, and referee Wang Zhe cancelled Fellaini's goal after reviewing the video, which caused a huge uproar after the game
Wan River Valley 4 martyrs bones are not cold, Sinoma company to help India build three cement plants: for building blockhouses?
The Indian army in the Galavan Valley lack of high-quality cement to engage in homosexual construction, this does not have a Chinese company sent to help them build cement plants, and a build is three!Can the four martyrs who died here three years ago forgive such a company?Will the People's Army tolerate aiding the enemy in disputed areas?When the news broke, the whole country was outraged
"The National Club!Senior agent: Only Manchester City, Newcastle, Real Madrid can afford Mbappe
July 07 news with only one year of contract Mbappe can sell how much money?L 'Equipe spoke to an agent familiar with the European giants, who said: "It is difficult to put a price on Mbappe。I think ordinary clubs, that is, clubs that are not owned by the state, will not play for one player in the current situation
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