Build "core" for national industry
This is the market effect, the role of Kim Min zai [on the press][on the press...
This is the market effect, the role of Kim Min-jae [just play][just play] the German Super Cup will sign a new agreement to obtain media rights in South Korea from 2024 to 2029。As a result, the Bundesliga's revenue in Korea will increase from 150-200w💶 per season to 450 -
Chairman of the Russian Duma: Wagner personnel agreed to convert to the regular army, Putin's power is unprecedented stable
On July 2, a week after the Wagner incident, Volodin, chairman of the lower house of the Russian State Duma Parliament, issued a message on the social platform summarizing the "attempted coup", saying that many Wagner personnel had agreed to sign a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense to convert to the regular army
The tallest and fastest roller coaster in North America was closed for repairs a week after a visitor found a crack in its support
Tourists found the giant roller coaster "Rage 325" bracket has cracks in the United States National Public Radio video report screenshot) Overseas network July 3, according to the United States Fox News reported on the 2nd, a tourist in North Carolina Carolowenz amusement park ride the giant roller coaster "Rage 325Fury
Could two 'No8s' be a Liverpool duo?Klopp's seven years of aid are not going well
July 3 news, Klopp's second venture in Liverpool, will start from Sobosloi, McAllister two major aid?If you look back at Klopp's early signings at Liverpool, Mane, Van Dijk, Salah, Alisson, you might be confident about the new season。But if you look at the acquisitions in the last three seasons,
Hoffenheim coach Matarazzo in the pre-match news against Stuttgart...
Hoffenheim coach Matarazzo revealed the condition of striker Kramaric's injury at his pre-match press conference against Stuttgart: "Kramaric is recovering and will probably return to training next week。Kramaric has missed two Bundesliga games and two Croatia games with a thigh muscle injury
Us special training results immediately!Liao Sanning single 27 points + three consecutive explosions, the offensive end ushered in transformation!
Yesterday, Beijing Control and Fujian held a warm-up match, and Liao Sanning's play is still very good。In fact, in these three warm-up games, Liao Sanning has completed the rage。Especially in yesterday's game, Liao Sanning a person cut down 27 points, such data is enough to prove that his special training in the United States in the end how effective。
Darkly criticizing Manin?Media: I hope Taishan and the harbor play a top game, the referee will not become the protagonist
Under the name of the World Cup referee, Ma Ning law enforcement of the Beijing-Shanghai war is full of too much controversy, in the end is the "Chinese super golden whistle" name is not true, or the fans of the "palm palm back is meat", had to settle with mud?In terms of business ability, Ma Ning's card level in this game is really against the title of "card master"
The latest world ranking of women's volleyball!Chinese women's volleyball team ranked first in the world, and the points ushered in a small increase in the women's volleyball team
The World Women's Volleyball League matches are all over, and in the last round of matches, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the world's No. 1 American Women's volleyball team 3-2, and the points increased by 7.92 points, but did not improve the ranking, still behind the Turkish women's volleyball team 2.5 points ranked sixth, although the Chinese women's volleyball team in the middle of the stage
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