Build "core" for national industry
Reds veteran: Gakpo can transform like Henry, Salah will leave sooner or later
Former Liverpool star Zenden said in an interview with GOAL that Gakpo can transform like Henry and Salah will leave Liverpool sooner or later。"It's hard to say, I worked very closely with Gakpo when I was assistant coach at PSV。I've seen him grow. He's
Meki: If rejected by the big Lopez rockets may turn to Vucevic
June 29 - Yahoo Sports reporter Jake Fischer reports that the Rockets may pursue Bulls center Vucevic if they can't sign top interior target Lopez。Multiple sources have previously pointed out that the Rockets, who have $60 million in cap space, are eyeing Bucks center Lopez
Blues ➡️ Saudi Arabia +1!Official: Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy joins Jeddah Nationals
On June 28, Saudi Federation club Jeddah National officially announced the signing of 31-year-old goalkeeper Edward Mendy from Chelsea。According to Romano's previous reports, the two sides will sign for three years, the transfer fee of 17 million euros, Mendy's annual salary of 12 million dollars +3 million dollars floating。Jeddah Nationals won last season
Chelsea's all-time sellers list: Hazard 1.1.5 billion euros ranked first, Haverz, Oscar ranked second and third
June 29 - Arsenal officially signed Blues midfielder Haverts for 70 million euros, "Transfer market" statistics show that this is also the second most expensive sale price in Chelsea team history。Chelsea all-time sellers list: same amount of euros, earlier transfer time first) 1.Hazard, → Real Madrid, 19-20 season,
Blaster monster?17 year old Ndric training breaking ball speed is too terrible!
Blaster monster?17 year old Ndric training breaking ball speed is too terrible!
Qatar's new football team wants to be named after Barcelona and offer the latter millions of European purchase rights
June 29, "Daily Sport" news, Qatar wants to form a new team and named after Barcelona, they sent Barcelona club to send millions of euros for the naming rights offer。Barca president Joan Laporta, accompanied by women's coach Phuket and youth team coach Soler, travelled to CA on June 15
No one can do anything wrong or not?Lakers rookie lebron Hood taunts James: You're too old
Recently, the Lakers in the draft with the first round of the 17th pick Jaylen - Hood - Schifino, the new player just turned 20 years old, the court boss is a point guard and shooting guard, height 1.93 meters, arm span 2.At 08 meters, NBA scouts think his template is Dinwiddie and Deron Williams。这位
Romano reveals West Ham will accept Rice offer, Morgan retweets and adds' Here We Go '
June 29 - Romano revealed not long ago that West Ham have informed Arsenal that they will accept an offer for Rice。Romano said: "West Ham have just got in touch with Arsenal and they will accept an offer of £100m + £5m for Rice。"The two clubs are still working on the structure of the deal
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